A flexible design system that to accomodate to the changing needs of an events program.

Context and Delivery

Visit Canberra hosts two of Canberra’s major yearly events Floriade and Enlighten. They required a flexible design system that could remain relevant year on year and be personalised to each festival.

We applied an atomic design methodology to establish usable UI patterns. The patterns were broken down into individual elements such as buttons, headers and lists and then compiled into blocks to highlight how each of these elements sits together and then finally how it looks at a whole. 

The suite of assets allows for a customisable system that accommodates to the updated yearly branding, the event-specific content and different website engagement stages.

Key Features

Atomic Design System: reframing how the UI is both a cohesive whole and a collection of parts at the same time.

Customer Journey consideration: As the events, don’t run all year round, we considered the three life cycles of engagement and designed a system that was responsive.

  1. Pre-event: A need to build excitement through hinting to key features and maintains necessary ongoing messaging.
  2. During-event: The website is focused on highlighting the program. Through using time and day data, we were able to create a response that answered “what’s on right now” pulling the current event up. Creating a relevant experience for the user
  3. Post-event site: The end cycle of the journey acts a splash page to thank attendees and calls out to vendors

Highlights Design in Practise

Showing how different headlines changes the tile design

Responsive Variants

A robust search and calendar system that works for all devices