A robust customer portal that streamlines the ordering process, automates experience and provides strategic insights into how a national community purchases.

Context and Delivery

Sutton Tools is Australia’s nation-wide supplier of hardware. As a leading supplier, the buying experience needs to be seamless, automated and intuitive.

We developed a branded Salesforce customer community with a responsive frontend. The customer portal was designed and developed to create a smooth experience during the ordering lifecycle, to relieve admin burden and create a more transparent service and transaction environment.

The portal has provided greater access to product knowledge, streamlined the process and leverage the Salesforce capabilities to support and relieve the administrative burden for Customer Service, Sales and Finance Teams.

Key Features

Considered Ordering Lifecycle: For a personalised engagement experience, the community has accounted for every part of the ordering lifecycle from bulk ordering, to saving recurring orders, shipment tracking and account history.

Receipting: Automated billing and receipting for a simpler ordering experience.

Purchase Dashboard

A customised dashboard which highlights the call to action and recent orders.

Responsive Community

Customers can access their portal where it suits them best