Encouraging Australia’s youth to participate in career growth with a delightful and effortless experience.

Context and Delivery

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) encourages young Australians to value science, technology, engineering and maths and its importance in our communities. With an ever-growing need to foster science as a career path, the NYSF required their application experience to be more considered and digestible.

We developed a more usable Salesforce process system with a core focus on reducing administrative tasks and creating a more fluid experience for applicants.

The streamlining of the student onboarding process has meant that NYSF has had greater visibility of application volumes and through the implementation of a series of automated communications to support students through the process has improved application completion rates.

Key Features

Dynamic application form:  The native built form provides prospective students with an accessible and engaging user experience for all programs, and it enables users to save and resume their progress at any time.  The form not only encourages a more thoughtful student experience, but it also allows the NYSF complete visibility into the application process.

Salesforce Community: Includes an evaluation portal that leans to the needs of the staff. Panel members can review, score and shortlist applicants which can be saved and reviewed. It portal informs of program quotas for a fully integrated experience. 

Clear form Structure / Dynamic Forms

Forms that encourage the user not to become overwhelmed.

Save and Return 

Users can complete the application at their own pace