Unlocking the full potential for a sales led business through an end-to-end Salesforce community.

Context and Delivery

JWLand is a leading property developer with multiple residential and commercial projects changing the landscape of Australia. They wanted to unlock the potential of their Salesforce CRM instance to effectively and efficiently manage apartment sales and customer database.

We developed an end-to-end solution which connected sales and marketing teams to leads. The system Included database management, inventory and sales insights, automated marketing journeys and analytics and reporting portals. 

The updated Salesforce is a robust solution which ultimately allows for the business to have greater visibility of the individual sales performance, both internal and external.

Key Features

Lead Management: Enable project websites to submit leads directly into Salesforce, linking the lead to the project they are interested in.

Sales Portal: End-to-end sales insights that support the agents in providing a considered experience for their clients.


Sales agents have everything they need as soon as they log in.

Account Portal

Custom form solutions to build buyer profiles.

Lead Management

Lead management dashboards with real-time status updates