A functional booking system that shows the versatility of Salesforce integration.

Context and Delivery

Capital Airport Group required a flexible and usable booking system to accommodate its Business Park facilities. Through early-stage identification, we were able to develop and build a booking flow that allows for custom fields such as multiple locations, dates and requirements. 

Through integration, we set up an intuitive calendar system, E-way payment gateway and automated booking confirmations. The functional system allows the business to seamlessly manage facility bookings with minimal human input.

Key Features

Customised variants: We integrated image variants for each location to support users in the ability to identify which location they are looking to book.

Clear UI

Using images to label locations and help users quickly identify which area they are looking to book.

Navigation Feedback

Defined navigation to understand and identify where users are within the booking process.

Considered Bookings

The booking confirmation is easy and straightforward.