A customer-focused portal which centralises all data inputs, sales and business operations.

Context and Delivery

Assemble Communities are changing the way people purchase homes in Australia. Through putting homeowners at the core of their business, their model focuses on good design, sustainability and strong community engagement. With this Assemble was looking to evolve their Salesforce instance to support their business growth and the buying experience. 

We deployed a more robust and customer-focused experience with a custom front-end. The environment focuses on centralising the system to manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle as well as provide the business with the visibility, insight and workflow to support critical business processes. 

The Salesforce environment streamlines customer and business data and processes. Leveraging Salesforce to create a centralised hub, Assemble, is now well-positioned for continued growth.

Key Features

Centralised business system: centralising the operations system to manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle.

Marketing Automation: Salesforce deploys lead journeys and automates communication through Campaign Monitor.

Integrations: Custom integrations with Campaign Monitor and Form assembly support personalised and cohesive communication.

Branded Login

Custom login and account page which ensures a consistent cross-platform experience.